How Readily Do You Turn the Other Cheek?

Week of October 9, 2002

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Hudson Harkins
Entertainer, Hudson and the Hoodoo Cats
"Depends on whether I'm getting kissed or slapped."

Lisa Campbell
Boat Detailer
"I think the greatest revenge is to turn the other cheek."

Homer J. Harper
"I say readily, for the simple reason that it takes two fools to argue, so one of you has to be civilized. But, you know, it's one thing to turn your cheek, to walk away from words. Now, if he starts touching you, it's a whole other matter. Then you might have to whale on someone."

Susan Baker
Certified Massage Therapist
"I don't have the energy to waste being negative, so I get over it very fast.... That's not necessarily a good thing."

Kenny Alford
"I really try to, but sometimes the flesh gets in the way. And some of the littlest things offend -- words are powerful; the tongue can become a weapon. To turn the other cheek, that involves serious discipline. You can't just read the Bible and suddenly become Christlike. The spiritual walk is a process, like anything else. Of course you can tell a person to keep their harsh words to themselves, but you do that in a kind way. "

Peter Vaccaro
On-Camera/Voice-Over Talent
"Ten years ago, had I been asked that question, I would've said, 'Living in St. Louis -- never!' But now, having some stature, some presence, I prefer to sheath my sword. Better to be able to live to fight another day."

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