How Will You Feel When America Finally Invades Iraq?

Week of August 28, 2002

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Chris Webster
Roofing Contractor
"Oh boy! I don't think they should do it. He's a dictator, yeah -- there's dictators everywhere. I just think you're gonna piss off more people in the world. Unless they show enough evidence to the public to support an invasion, I won't feel very good about it at all. They should have finished it when they had the chance."

Krista Hofmeister
Photo Tech, Walgreen's
"I'm not down with terrorism, and maybe they are hiding those weapons, but two wrongs don't make a right. They're probably gonna end up retaliating -- for every cause, there's an effect. What city they gonna blow up next? For all we know, it could be St. Louis."

Phil March
Fugitive-Recovery Agent
"Shit, we need to leave them damn people alone! They ain't messin' with us. That's how I feel, but I don't think they'll leave them alone. They gonna go over there, and Bush will try to end something his daddy started a long time ago."

Jamie Gavin
Coffee Server
"We'd just be adding to the hostility, but I'll damn sure back them up if they really, honestly feel that an invasion would stop another September 11. I feel for the Iraqi people under Saddam Hussein, but Americans suffered a great tragedy, and we can't have that again -- not ever!"

Jim Kennedy
Lead Singer, Earl
"Relieved. Also, it's time to be nervous. I'm not one of those guys who say it's cool to go over there, put a flag in the ground and stake our claim. I don't feel especially patriotic, but it's wartime. Something needs to be done, and nobody likes to make the first move. It's like we've got to do something for what they did to us. I'm just glad I'm on the giving end and not the receiving."

Connie Varnon
Author, Seventeen Ways to Skin a Cat
"I'm not gonna like it, but I don't like Hoodam Hussein or whatever his name is -- he's cocky. But his people are people, just like you and I, and we all have feelings and we all have our own religion and I think that those people don't understand us in the United States because they're too poor to come over here and see how much fun and freedom there is. They only know what Hoodam Hussein tells them."

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