How Would You Describe Your Soul?

Week of May 5, 2004

May 5, 2004 at 4:00 am
Tsewang Dorjee
Tibetan Buddhist Monk
"I never saw the soul. I just understand it is like a feeling, something you get happiness from. We believe that your soul is like the guest, and your body is like the guesthouse. Possibly, when you die, your consciousness leaves your body to try to [find] rebirth, so at times your soul is traveling, searching. It is complicated to put into words: Nobody has ever caught the soul, so it's something like a shadow."

Daron Dierkes
History Major, University of Missouri-St. Louis
"I have a consciousness, but I'm not sure I so much have a 'soul.' If I [do] have one, I usually imagine it as this intangible, amorphous blob that just sort of lives inside of me, but I really don't know."

Mark Aeling
Sculptor/Fabricator, M.G.A. Sculpture Studio
"Probably the closest description would be light, the purest form of energy, but I would say it doesn't function in a normal light spectrum. It's like when you're totally focused on your senses -- when all your senses are working together, you kind of get an elevated perception, and maybe that's when you become aware of it. I think, you know, when people say they see auras surrounding a person, that's what they're seeing -- the soul."

Bradford Smith
Recording Artist, Native American flute
"Bright light playing the game of Life inside of a vehicle."

Lisa Childers
Server, BARcelona
"Well, I think that your eyes are the windows to your soul. So if I looked in the mirror and saw my soul, I would probably see a penguin that wishes it could fly, because it's fun and it's cute and it can't stay in one place."

John Tom Elwood
Homeless in Soulard
"That soul is like a heart to me, man, 'cause that's all we got. Like, I die right now [and] my body's gonna turn back to dirt, but my heart and my soul is goin' to God, know what I'm sayin'? Until Judgment Day comes, then God gonna tell me all the mistakes I made, and if I ain't right I'm going to Hell and my soul gets barbecued, extra crispy, for all eternity."