"I hav the hots for hockey moms": Another Week in craigslist Missed Connections

Oct 19, 2009 at 8:45 am
Each week, we scour the local Missed Connections section of Craigslist, in search of the most intriguing posts. Here are some that caught our eye recently.

"I hav the hots for hockey moms": Another Week in craigslist Missed Connections
hockey mom - m4w -
k here's the deal. I hav the hots for hockey moms. Especially a few of the moms associated with my team. Our team is in Illinois. Metro East. Email me and tell me what team you play for or give me some hints. Or if a hockey coach turns you on email me.

morningstar church - w4m - 20 - (east st louis)
I think u was so sexy boy...sitting there in the house of the lord looking like a piece of fresh meat..im a older woman i hope u can handle all theses goodies i got...let me know..you had long dreads and was tall and skinny...also, i think some people might call u ferari britney

cardboard sign girl with pitbull - 47 - (brentwood)
anyone seen that homeless girl with the green jacket that held a cardboard sign with her tan/white dog on the street outside whole foods last spring? whatever happened to her?

connections yea right - (somewhere)
I want to say for missed connections its all a big joke and people will soon know that. I wouldn't come on here to find a person to connected with, if your life depended on it and that's being for real now. I will be a normal person and have some balls to go up and introduce myself rather then post a obsessive stupid note online to try and get some kind of connection out of it. A lot of you don't have a clue really but that's alright maybe one day you will and stop pretending to care about people and shit. It's like they always say what come's around goes around and shit. I am sure some jack off will probably write back and make it sound alittle better or downgrade what I say, I really could give two fucks less really, I don't party no more and I highly doubt you could make me have a bad day by saying some shit that isn't true. The only person that can fuck my day up now is myself and that isn't going to happen that's for sure. You all have a great day some of you I would highly recommend going to church and the rest heh go somewhere other then the internet