If and When the Messiah Returns, Must It Be in Human Form?

Week of November 17, 2004

Nov 17, 2004 at 4:00 am
Marina S.
Server, Cicero's
"I'm not Christian, but I believe that when the Messiah arrives it'll be as a human. And everyone around him is going to know that he's the one. I think one of the reasons that religions disagree over whether Jesus was the Messiah is because he went around and had to tell everybody, and we believe the true Messiah doesn't need to say it: We're going to know. There may be an undeniable force around him, so everyone could see he's a holy person."

Randy Davies
Sales Associate, Sign-A-Rama -- St. Charles
"Uh...no, I think it'll be a surprise."

Roger Mull
"Not necessarily, but for our own egocentric purposes it would have to be somewhat human-looking; otherwise we wouldn't take it seriously. And though it doesn't have to be human, it would have to be something that would communicate with humans -- a talking raccoon or a deer maybe, hopefully not during deer season. I can just hear it: 'Hey, don't shoot, I've got salvation here!'"

Arlene Rosengarten
Lifetime Member, Harry & David Fruitcake Club
"Well, we [Jewish people] are awaiting the first time; you're awaiting the second time, because you thought he already was here. But yes, I believe the Messiah will return as an actual person, although it's going to be a long while still, because there's no peace yet, no peace in the world. As far as Sylvia Brown thinks -- the psychic on The Montel Williams Show -- it's not going to be until the year 2050."

Thom Evans
Specimen, Clinical Psychology Workshop
"I have no idea. I'm no crystal ball, but I hope it's a woman. If she's a Messiah she's got to be damn beautiful. I might ask for a special night, one night, the beginning of Armageddon. I would show her some fun, and I hope she could teach me a couple tricks too."

Reverend Ellen Maher-Forney
Director of Community Affairs, Church of Scientology
"Well, considering the Messiah is God, or part of God, and therefore all-powerful and would be able to take whatever form he or she chose, it may be arrogant for us, as human beings, to pre-suppose what the Messiah would come as...it might be more a spiritual entity and not necessarily an embodiment of any kind. That's what I envision: a spirit without form but communicating its powers intuitively."