If You Could Be Any Vegetable, Which Would It Be?

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John Kendall
Owner, Ponderosa Restaurant, Crystal City

"I'm from a farm in Kentucky, so you're thinking I'm gonna say a soybean or a really good okra, right? But I want to be sea kelp — it never dies, it has its own ecology, it doesn't use pesticides and it grows up to 6 feet in a day. It has hundreds of medicinal and commercial uses. Can't praise it enough. As my grandfather used to say, "Them what likes it, speaks highly of it.'"

Qiyana Armour
Sales, Aldo's Grocery

"A potato ... no, I don't want to be a potato. How about corn? It's sweet and tasty, vivid in color and it looks pretty on the cob."

Mike Carmody

"Asparagus, 'cause it's got a good head on it."

Bernadette Buscher
Public-Information Specialist, St. Louis Community College

"A pumpkin — they're versatile. You can express yourself with them, light up a dark corner with them. They please children and adults; they last a long time if you don't carve them up. They're squatty and round and no one cares — the bigger, the better. They're always welcome; everybody likes a pumpkin — you couldn't say that about a cucumber, not with their reputation."

David O'Neill
Assistant Editor

"A tomato, because it tastes like a vegetable but it's actually a fruit."

Fomb Theodore

Owner, Campus Cleaners
"I am a human. Why would I want to be a vegetable? I am at the top of the food chain. God created me to admire vegetables and, most happily, to eat them."

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