If You Could Choose the Manner of Your Death, What Would It Be?

Week of July 3, 2002

Magdalena Vyskala
Student, St. Louis University

"No fear, no struggle. Definitely no drowning, no burning to death -- and no time to think about it. But if I had to pick, just as an example, it'd be to get shot in the back of the head, not knowing he's there. It'd be, like, 'La, la, la -- bye!'"

James "Demon Dog" Ellroy
L.A. Confidential, American Tabloid
"I want to live a loooong time, die very old with my beloved wife and all my beloved dogs by my side, all of us in our sleep, and concurrently float down on the River Styx in the BMW M5 I bought last week. Who says you can't take it with you?"

Amanda Ming
Factotum, Lick Creek General Store,
Lick Creek, Illinois

"I'd rather live until I couldn't enjoy life anymore and pass away peacefully in my sleep. Otherwise, I'd like to be put out Jack Kevorkian-style."

Roy Becker
Real-Estate Speculator

"I'd like to go out driving while intoxicated. I'd miss the turn to my house in Soulard and drive right through the wall of the 1860's [Hard Shell Café & Bar] saloon -- a solid brick building at Ninth and Geyer, been there forever. I figure it's quick, and why not die in a place where you like to be -- a bar! And that way they can serve me my last drink. Instead of last rites from the priest, I'd get last call at the bar."

Sherrie Gonzales
Food-Service Worker

"Natural causes, probably a heart attack. Something where you ain't really got to suffer too long. I wouldn't take to suffering, have to be on a machine, gasping for air -- that's horrible. Ain't that something about Darryl Kile? That really blew my mind!"

Candy Flier
Street Person

"A heroin overdose. I want to fall out with a big fat speedball. I want to feel the drool running down my chin and see no more light. Do you find that shocking?"

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