If You Could Find a Way to Live Forever, Would You?

Week of February 19, 2003

Matt Robinson
Server, Ellie Forcella
"Forever? No, I'm just concentrating on trying to get the next ten years together -- to be honest, the next week. But I've thought about it. I could get a lot accomplished, but I lack ambition. That's why I've been a waiter these last eighteen years. I watch other people have lives."

Paul Pontious
Music Student, Webster University
"No. It seems kind of weird, but I'm afraid that after a certain point I'd get weary of life. I think the end of a life is an experience one should have in addition to everything else that happens throughout life. I don't know what happens after death, but it's worth a shot."

Terry Caulfield
Servicer, Manny's House of Painful Manicures
"Yes, but not as the same person on the same planet."

Owner/Chef, Nobu's Japanese Restaurant
"Sounds OK. I want to be a professional golf player -- tennis player, too -- and I need that much time to improve my game."

David Gordon
Forward, Beaumont High Basketball Team
"Hell, yeah! I'll be able to see everything and do everything. I'll choose to live forever just on the strength of I don't want to die."

Bob Cassilly
"No, I'm having a hard time living to be 50, and the thought of dying is merciful, especially when every muscle fiber, every bone fiber is shrinking by the moment. No, immortality would be sick. It'd be like leaves that fell on the ground and didn't rot. Imagine bored, indifferent, cynical people stacking up and up and up ad infinitum. It'd be grotesque!"

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