If You Could Trade Places With Anyone for a Day, Who Would You Choose?

Week of February 4, 2004

Big Al Kelsey
Manager, Smitty's SouthKing Amoco
"It would be [Cleveland Cavalier] LeBron James, the youngest and richest pro basketball player in the world. And the money he makes and the money he's gonna get would make life awful easy. I'd enjoy myself surfin', chasing the girls and going to the races -- but just for one day, now, only to see how it feels to be a millionaire, 'cause then I got to go back to my old self. I wouldn't permanently trade my old self for nothin' in the world."

Wendy Cope
Art Teacher, Fox High School
"I would be my three-year-old niece, Alyssa. She's got it made! She's loved and has fun and gets whatever she wants with a little cry and a pout. She's queen every day, and she has a brand-new Barbie bicycle, which I'd like to take for a spin."

Kurt VonderHaar
Carnival Roustabout
"I'd like to be a black, lesbian, paraplegic midget for a day, and one day only. It would help put my life in perspective."

John-Carlos Mariño
"I'd trade with Spider-Man when he had the symbiont costume. For a while, an alien inhabited the body of Peter Parker, and it gave him a suit that enhanced his powers and let him change his appearance at will, but then the suit made him crazy. This suit was like an actual living organism, and it looked way cooler than his regular costume. I'd trade places with Spider-Man when he had the symbiont costume, but before he went crazy."

Ron Jackson
Owner, Cultural Essentials: Books & More
"I'd trade places with President Bush and I would change some laws, believe me! I'd rip up that Patriot Act. I'd get pardons for political prisoners like Mumia Abu-Jamal, innocent people who have evidence exonerating them yet are still locked up. And I'd be answering phones myself. Someone says, 'Hey, I got this information,' [and] I'd say, 'Bring it in, we'll look at it.' I would just turn everything around, give everyone a chance."

Pam Wees
Associate Seafood Team Leader, Whole Foods Market
"I'd like to go back in time and be a flapper in 1920s Chicago, to be fashionable and hip for the time and go to the Green Mill, where Al Capone hung out in his heyday. I could see some awesome jazz musicians and just enjoy the whole vibe of the Roaring Twenties."

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