If You Had to Give Up Caffeine or Alcohol for the Rest of Your Life, Which Would You Choose?

Week of September 8, 2004

Rhonda Cathey
Medical Transcriptionist/Singer, The Smash Band
"I drink both, but if I had to give up one? Alcohol. I just don't need it; it's more of a social thing. The coffee I need to get me started. Mornings, I'll have a nice cup of coffee at home, or I'll get a caffè mocha at Starbucks, and that normally sets the tone for my day. Coffee is something I can do by myself, I'm happy with it, and I won't get arrested if I'm drinking coffee on the road."

Amy Peterson
Runner-up, Seventh Annual Charlack Days
Flapjack-Eating Contest

"I do drink on social occasions, but I would definitely give up alcohol because my mom was an alcoholic -- well, she's been sober for years, but I don't want to follow in her footsteps. Alcohol is one of the worst drugs that you can get yourself involved with, and it's very hard to quit -- it's actually worse than heroin. I refuse to be an alcoholic."

Ricky Williams
General Contractor, LTD Dry Wall
"I would give up alcohol, because it's killin' peoples, and then it make you kill peoples by runnin' over them in your car. I drink beer every so often, but I stay home with it. That's the safest thing to do, instead of bein' out there in the streets, drinkin' and stumblin' around because, you know, it do make you lose your balance."

Cheryl Anthony
Vice President/Broker, A.G. Edwards
"I can't give up my coffee. I've tried herbal tea, no kick; tried that Pero stuff, yechh! I love my coffee, every day, two or three cups; I'm not an all-day drinker. And though I enjoy beer and the occasional Stoli, I would just have an O'Doul's or a club soda with lime and pretend like there's vodka in it."

Maximillian Foizey
Producer, Allman & Smash in the Morning (97.1 FM)
"Oh, hands-down caffeine, absolutely! Don't get me wrong: I love caffeine, coffee's fantastic, but I can only go a short time without alcohol. That's a fact. Just like a car runs out of gas, I run out of a buzz, it's a bad thing. People that know me will find that very funny -- or sad."

Joan Lerch
Corporate Writer
"I would give up caffeine in a heartbeat, because I would rather lay down in front of a train than give up my cabernet. One glass a day, that's all, but I'm not willing to give that up. On another note: How about caffeine and alcohol together -- say, a good cup of Colombian and cabernet? Could be an interesting morning!"

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