If You Walk Your Pet in Public, Do You Pick up After It?

Week of November 19, 2003

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Randy Vines
Author, The Art of the Manly Handshake
"I mean, I try to, but, like, this morning I'm in a hurry, so I'm not going to worry about it. I just consider it fertilizer. And it's weird, because I've been threatened with arrest many times down there [along Newstead near West Pine] for not cleaning up after my dog, but you know what -- shit happens."

Richard Hobin
Yoga Instructor, Solstice Yoga -- Edwardsville
"When I'm walking my cat in public, do I clean up after it? No, cats have their own sanitation system built into them by nature. They know exactly what they're doing. I just have to stay out of the way."

Corey Weiser
"Always. It's wrong not to pick up. We have to be conscientious of what we leave out there. We don't want people to think of our dogs as little poo-meisters. I even bought a cute little bag that attaches on the end of the leash, and it holds poo-bags and all my necessities. And it's pretty -- it's bright red, which matches my lipstick, so that my doggie not only gets picked up after, but I look fashionable doing it."

Eddy King
"Well, not if he's takin' a leak. But, like, the other thing, the only time I don't [clean up] is in the park, 'cause all the dogs run in the park. If I'm walking him on the street, I do clean up after him. It's common decency. People don't want to see your dog's business. It's not like you or me are gonna squat down and do our business on the street either. I mean, it's pretty much the same thing."

Chris Whitters
Senior, Herculaneum High School
"No, because I don't want to clean up crap, and I don't feel like carrying around a plastic baggie with dog crap. That would just look retarded. Some people are big-time into their pets; they like to clean up after them. But those people need to realize that poop is biodegradable, so just let your animal crap where it wants, because that's what they do in nature. Look at birds, they just crap all over the place."

Cameron Gregory
General Manager, Kaldi's Coffee Hous
"Definitely. I believe in 'doggie karma' that says if I don't pick it up then I'm bound to step in it the next day. I've stepped in other people's dog's poop and it drives me crazy, so if I expect them to pick it up then I'd better pick it up too. It's the right thing to do."

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