If You Were to Croak in Your Residence, How Long Before Somebody Would Find You?

Week of November 6, 2002

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Thomas "Jaja" Carter
Hairstylist, Billy's Headhunters
"Oh man, ask me something else -- that's morbid! But you know, I'm always surrounded by people. Somebody's always coming 'round, yelling, banging on the door. Plus I've got a nine-year old who sticks to me like glue. Probably wouldn't be very long -- half-hour, twenty minutes. I'd probably still be warm."

Ryan House
Liquor Rep, Major Brands
"At least two weeks. I live by myself, no pets, and with my job I'm rarely home anyway. So people call and no one answers, they just assume I'm out running around doing stuff ... but that sounds kind of lonely -- I mean, being dead all by yourself like that."

Dorothy Sandow
Vice President, Fanny Brice Fan Club
"Wouldn't be long at all. First place, my husband would be there. And we have wonderful children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and my oldest grandson is a doctor. And our kids will call: 'Grandma, don't go out, it's too hot. We'll bring you what you want.' We are very blessed."

Steve Mastorakos
Extra, My Big Fat Greek Wedding
"Probably until someone needed something from me, like my sisters would need a babysitter for their children or somebody wants their CD back that I'd borrowed. And how long would that be? A week or so, maybe, because I'm on the fourth floor and I don't know my neighbors yet. Well, I've seen people in my building, but I don't know if they're my neighbors or not."

Christine Stanek
Former White House Staffer
"One day I called in sick and the message went to a co-worker, who also called in sick. Next day when I came in, no one knew where I was the day before, and I said, 'Well, that's funny because I was in bed, really sick, and I live alone and I was thinking, "If I die, how long would it be before somebody found out?"' And now I know: It would be at least 24 hours."

Dennis Kaufman
Dock Worker, Famous-Barr
"Let's see -- work'd start calling within 24 hours. Then again, they might write me off, like, 'Well, he hasn't shown up for three days, so he must've quit.' In that case, it'd probably take weeks before my family thought of looking for me. But the thought of dying doesn't bother me that much. I'm not scared of it or nothin'. My only worry would be, 'Do I have anything I don't want anybody to see?'"

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