"Imagine St. Louis": Fighting for truth, justice and the American way?

If all you do is glance at the Sunday version of the newspaper of record on your way to the ad supplement for Grandpa's, you might think there's some substantive stuff in there. Oh well. For example, take the weekly dysfunctional attempt to mimic a talk show, "Imagine St. Louis," a section for "exploring possibilities for progress and reform across the metropolitan area." Say what? Cole Campbell left out "fighting a never-ending battle for truth, justice and the American way." Couldn't Cole come back from New Orleans with better ideas than this? Last Sunday's "Conversation" about the new ballpark left out one basic, pertinent point: The Greater St. Louis Sports Authority's report is due out Dec. 1, just in time for the Missouri Legislature's January session. This locomotive's coming down the track, and the railroad is based in Jefferson City.
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