In the Post-Dispatch's "Growing Up in St. Louis" series, no news was bad news; P-D reporter Carolyn Tuft gives Missourians another reason to be suspicious of Jayhawks

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The Post-Dispatch's three-part "Growing Up in St. Louis" series was the equivalent of reporting on school buses that make it through their routes unharmed and without being struck by trains or semis: three adolescents "growing up" and facing sundry insecurities along the way. Hmmm. Not one of the three lives in the city, either. Oh, well. On a more newsworthy note, Carolyn Tuft told readers that Missouri, with 14, has more hate-filled affiliates of the Christian Identity Church than any other state. She also introduced the term "Jayhawk Nazi," referring to a man who was known for his anti-Semitic views during World War II. Information, background, explanation, quoting weird folks. Sounds like news. Imagine.
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