In Any Sport, What Is the Most Difficult Thing To Do?

Week of March 26, 2003

Nickie Bray

"Gotta be doing a 900 vertical and landing it. That's Tony Hawk's skateboarding stunt -- two-and-a-half turns straight up and then it goes into another trick, and that's his trademark. Nobody can touch him on that."

Bob Kneemiller
St. Charles City Council

"Hitting a major-league fastball. A hole-in-one can be as much luck as it is skill, but connecting with a 86-mph slider -- I just can't imagine anything harder."

Chris Ballew
Satellite Guy, Broadcast Biscuit

"Finishing the Tour de France. Pedaling all-out over the course of almost two weeks, through all weather and terrain, crossing mountains -- it's got to be one of the greatest tests of endurance. How about all those blisters? As far as solitary achievement of an individual, the Tour de France has my vote."

Patty Hare
Sales Associate, Coldwell Banker-Gundaker Realtors

"To not be a sore loser?"

Robert Hunt

"Avoid the bull, you know what I'm saying? That festival in Spain where they let the bulls out to chase people? There's the bulls, in the street -- they're angry as hell, knocking stuff over, trying to trample anything in front of them. These bulls always manage to gore a few slowpokes. It's horrible to look at."

Ray Gomez
Agent, Junior Grade, International Secret Police

"Suppressing the gag reflex during the hotdog-eating contest without having your friends question your heterosexuality."

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