In St. Louis, Even the Bridges Cry Out For Your Vote

Nov 5, 2018 at 11:08 am
Seen this morning at rush hour. - DANNY WICENTOWSKI
Seen this morning at rush hour.

America, we are less than one day from the midterm elections, and if you thought you could go fifteen seconds without being reminded of your essential value as a voter — well, this bridge on Highway 40 would like to have a word. Three words, in fact.

We captured this image during the morning rush hour on I-64/40, where some group went to great lengths to convey that your vote matters to St. Louis. That's not all. Your vote also matters to St. Louis County. Your vote matters to hopeful medical marijuana patients. Your vote matters to workers wishing for a higher minimum wage. Your vote matters to a political system governed by campaign finance laws and the drawing of district lines. Your vote matters to the U.S. House. Your vote matters in Missouri. Your vote matters in Illinois And if you're in Missouri, your vote really matters to the balance of power in the whole damn U.S. Senate.

Look, you know all this. At this point, if you're not getting fully blasted with messages of political affirmation at every hour of the day, you are either one of those cave-dwelling fish that doesn't need eyes or, perhaps, you're a phenomenally self-interested dolt.

There's still time to prepare
. Yes, all this hullabaloo is exhausting. Yes, we are tired of it too, and by tomorrow we wouldn't be surprised if the ground itself split open and disgorged thousands of sample ballots and lawn signs, creating a surging cyclone of pamphlets and mailers and "I voted" stickers rising up to the sky.

But it's true, your vote does matter. Would this bridge lie to you?

In St. Louis, Even the Bridges Cry Out For Your Vote (2)

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