Independence Bowl: Who the Hell is AdvoCare v100?

click to enlarge We were similarly disappointed when discovering just what AdvoCare v100 is.
We were similarly disappointed when discovering just what AdvoCare v100 is.
If you're like us, you woke up this morning scratching your head on news that the Missouri Tigers would face off against the North Carolina Tar Heels in the AdvoCare v100 Independence Bowl.

Your confusion wasn't why these two mediocre football programs were selected for a bowl game. Hey, there are dozens of meaningless bowls out there (Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, anyone?) and someone has to fill them -- even 7-5 programs like Mizzou and Carolina. No, your question was: "Who in the hell is AdvoCare v100!?"

Ladies and gentlemen, are you in search of an exciting new business opportunity?

Or perhaps you're just one of the millions of "overfed and undernourished" people out there who's not getting the proper dose of vitamins and minerals from your diet? Either way, have we got an exciting product for you!

It's AdvoCare v100 a supplement that could improve both your health and pocketbook. AdvoCare v100 contains "100 percent of the daily values for 17 essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients" you need each day. It's also just one of several products that AdvoCare reps (like you!) can sell from their home-based business. (Think Amway or Mary Kay.)

New Orleans Saints' quarterback Drew Brees is the spokesman for the Dallas-based company and delivers quite the video pitch for the company. Sell enough of AdvoCare's v100 or the company's sundry weigh-loss pills and nutritional shakes and you could soon be strolling the beaches of Seaside, Florida, without a care in the world -- like AdovCare's president Richard Wright.

AdvoCare took over title sponsorship of the Independence Bowl in 2009. To be fair though, the annual contest in Shreveport has never had what one would call "big name" sponsors. The bowl (founded in 1976) landed it's first title sponsor in 1991, when it was the Poulan/Weed Eater Independence Bowl when it was played on a field of dandelions and thistles. (Okay, we're joking about that last tidbit.)

It became the Sanford (maker of Sharpie markers and Paper Mate pens and pencils) Independence Bowl in 1998, the Mainstay (Hotels) Independence Bowl in 2003 and the PetroSun Independence Bowl in 2003.


Anyhoo, here's hoping the Mizzou Tigers have themselves a heaping bowl of AdvoCare v100 for breakfast come December 26. They could use all the help they can get on the field.
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