Is It Un-American to Question the President's War Plans?

Week of October 16, 2002

Davy Rothbart
Publisher, Found magazine
"Americans by fourteen and a half -- that's the point spread!"

Shawn Sackman
Student, Lindenwood College
"Fighting wars are a part of the American way. We have to stand up for what we believe in, no matter what. I say that if somebody's trying to threaten us, and we don't do anything about it, we can honestly say that we are turning into a weak country."

Jim Johnlikes
Outlaw Biker
"We can't question our pres'. If he says we need to go to war to protect our country, then we need to go! I'm with Bush."

Jamie Schmidt
Legal Secretary, The Stokely Group
"He's the one in charge, and considering what has happened I think we should stand behind him. He's been put in a very grave situation, and I think he's doing a great job."

Bill Spargo
Auto Wholesaler
"We can question, sure, but we should trust the president's judgment. I mean, we put him there -- if we can't trust him, what the fuck we doin'? It's like Reagan. Ronnie was a psychopath, but I trusted him."

Ted Stamboldjiev
Banned-Book Reader
"It's a political distraction. Why try to make this connection from al Qaeda to Saddam Hussein -- it's not there! This push for war has nothing to do with danger to this country or any other country. Essentially, the Republican party has nothing else to talk about -- no policy that they can bring to voters for the elections, so they have chosen the safe thing to do: Be patriotic."

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