Is Rep. Cynthia Davis really the "World's Worst Person?" RFT readers say yes.

Jul 1, 2009 at 4:00 am
DAILY RFT, JUNE 23, 2009
Let the rant begin: I suppose she [Rep. Cynthia Davis] thinks we should repeal child-labor laws, too, so all of these hungry children can get jobs at McDonald's ["Keith Olbermann Names Missouri Lawmaker 'World's Worst Person,'" Ellis E. Conklin]. Goodness knows there aren't enough six-year-olds working the fryer these days.
D. Neal, via the Internet

Cindy's wrong about free McDonald's chow: Dear Cynthia, I am hungry. I am five years old. Do you think McDonald's will hire me so I can eat for free? (And by the way, they do not feed you for free, even if you work there. Food is discounted, but not free.) Admit it, Cynthia: Now that I am born, you don't care whether I'm hungry or not.
MMS, via the Internet

She's a lunatic: I've been very disturbed by many things Cynthia Davis has said and did over the years. It's amazing that her level of lunacy is just now coming into the light. She is, without a doubt, an ill-informed, undereducated, religious fanatic. She is extremely prejudiced toward nearly everyone who isn't white, Christian and crazy. As a woman raised in O'Fallon, my only wish is that she'll be big enough to accept the shame as an individual and not continue to speak for the entire county.
Maria K, via the Internet

Learn how not to be so stupid: There is a comedian who tells the story of media coverage of Missouri floods by saying that they always seem to interview the person sitting on his flooded porch with the hat that says, "Who Farted?" Congratulations, you are now the political equivalent of the person in the "Who Farted?" hat. I regret that any of my tax dollars pay for an embarrassment such as you. You should resign and go back to some school that teaches you how not to be stupid.
Roger, via the Internet

DAILY RFT, JUNE 23, 2009
Axing public-affairs shows is not the way to go: Well, this may seem self indulgent to comment on a post where I am quoted, yet here goes: When I said "dozens of listeners," I was being self-deprecatingly sarcastic ["KDHX Management Weighs In on Fate of Station's Talk Shows," Chad Garrison]. After eight years on the air with Collateral Damage, neither I nor anyone at KDHX has a clear fix on how many people do listen. Listener surveys are a good gauge of what people who respond to listener surveys think. There is no accurate Arbitron measurement that KDHX has. And this is not really about "ratings;" this is about KDHX being advised by consultants to improve the station in order to qualify for more funding. It's not a bad motive; it's a tactical mistake. You don't improve the station by axing the last four hours of public-affairs programming.
D.J. Wilson, via the Internet

DAILY RFT, JUNE 19, 2009
You take one down — then steal a $10,000 grill: How many beers did they have to drink before they convinced each other that nobody would even notice ["Trail of Grease Leads Cops to Ham-Handed Hamburglars," Chad Garrison]?
J, via the Internet

STAGE, JUNE 18, 2009
Now that's entertainment: I happened to be in St. Louis this week and thought I'd catch the show ["Munyficent," Dennis Brown]. Really? Your reviewers seem to have low standards. The dancing [in 42nd Street] was fine. The show is what it has always been. I found the performers to be, at best, a step above amateur. The dancer playing Peggy especially seemed flat, campy and, I'm sorry to say, a bit chunky to be a dancer. Her singing was mediocre at best. I suppose it's best to leave good theater to New York City.
Emily, New York City, via the Internet

FEATURE, JUNE 11, 2009
Don't you just love that word?: I completely understand the mayor of Gerald's statement that an old episode of the Andy Griffith Show about a fake FBI agent made him realize that "it's not like we're the only people this has happened to" ["Hornswoggled!" Kristen Hinman]. I was similarly relieved to eventually confirm on TV that I wasn't the only one that got hit and knocked off a cliff by a falling anvil and suffered various injuries from items I purchased from the ACME Company in my pursuit of roadrunners out West. Now, where'd that wabbit go?
Dreils, St. Louis, via the Internet