Is St. Louis Mom Getting Her Teeth Whitened or Getting Intimate with Martian Phallus?

Just came across this website advertisement (above) while checking the weather conditions for tonight's Mizzou-Nebraska game in Columbia. (FYI: Conditions will be sloppy as it's been raining there all day, too.)

But enough about that. What in God's holy name is the woman doing in this ad? Sure, it implies she's whitening her teeth. But, c'mon, doesn't it look like she's servicing R2-D2?

Clicking on the link in the advertisement we discover that the woman is Cathy Anderson, a St. Louis mom who loves to blog about the two-step process she discovered for whitening her teeth.

Sadly, Anderson makes no mention of any alien trysts in her blogging. Perhaps she's just waiting to get to the good stuff. Or maybe the Martians deleted her memory after the abduction? 

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