Is Baiting Its Racist Commenters with Photo of Kidnapping Victim "Lil' Pimp"?

Jun 11, 2009 at 2:24 pm
If you haven't logged into the Post-Dispatch's website this afternoon, you're missing a colorful game of cat-and-mouse between the site's moderators and its online commenters.

The latter are having a field day with a photo and caption of Cortez King, the five-month-old baby kidnapped (and returned) this week to his 15-year-old mother Makeela King. The photo in question shows Makeela and her relatives in Madison, Illinois, trying to get the baby to smile by offering him money. The caption on also reveals that Makeela refers to the baby as "Lil' Pimp."

What is so curious about the "Lil' Pimp" reference is that it's missing from the same photo and nearly identical caption in today's print edition of the Post-Dispatch, which reads:

Makeela King (center), 15, plays with her son, Cortez, 5 months, shortly after returning to Madison from Fort Wayne, Ind., where she picked up the baby. King's mother, Joanna Sherrod (left), drove to Fort Wayne. At right is King's cousin Jamecia Wooten. The family uses money to make Cortez smile.

Hmm. Makes one wonder: Did the Post-Dispatch's online editors subtly add in the "Lil' Pimp" line just to incite the paper's notoriously racist commenters?  

Whatever the case, the comments are flying about the child's nickname and other factors about the story, including that the mother -- at 15 -- is a child herself and that the family didn't have enough money to drive to Indiana to pick up their missing child.

Here are a few of the highlights/lowlights...
what a travesty, having a poor teen mother, being taught to find happiness in money... and for the love of god, being nicknamed, Lil pimp? when will these idiots stop setting their children up for failure? -- truthteller

Attention Illinois DFS! Please take away this child's children and put them up for adoption! If Pennsylvania can take a kid for being named Adolf Hitler, doesn't "lil pimp" qualify? This ghetto queen is too stupid to be a parent!While you're at it, spay her so she can't be stupid again and bilk more from responsible taxpayers. -- drumming umpire

I guess someone in the projects already had the nickname "Lil-Felon" -- krock76

What a terrible start for this little boy. No father for him, being nicknamed Lil Pimp, having a mother who is obviously uneducated and a terible sense of judgement. This boy has ZERO chance of being successful in life. The cycle continues, babies having babies and no one understands the ramifications of unprotected Sex. What a sad set of circumstances, it will never change; when will fathers step up and really take care of the children they bring into this world???? NEVER.... -- bobbyboy

Lil pimp is back at home in the projects,just in time for a Fathers day visit to the babbies daddy in the state prison. And this cycle of non-responsibility continues. God help America. -- cricket