It Is Really, Really Nice Out Today!

Go get you some
Go get you some
If you're reading this, it's likely you are sitting at your computer, feeling deeply resentful of the folks who are outside. It's entirely possible that we'll tie the high-temperature record, 78 degrees, for this date this afternoon.

"Right now, there's an upper-level ridge in the atmosphere which leads to warm temperatures, no clouds, no rain," Gary Schmocker, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service tells the Daily RFT. "Sometimes you get that type of pattern in the summer--you get those sunny, hot days. We've had very dry conditions, desert-like conditions."

Here's the thing, though, gentle reader. These gorgeous conditions aren't gonna last, and they aren't going to respect your work schedule at all.

"The warm temperatures should continue  through Friday," Schmocker says. "The cold air really won't come in until Saturday. That's when they'll be a major change in the temperatures."

This weekend's going to be cold and rainy and November-y

Now, far be it for us to ever suggest faking an ailment of some sort or simply sneaking out a side door of your office. At all. But you look a little peaked to us and maybe you ought to just go home and rest for the rest of the afternoon. Maybe tomorrow too. Just sayin'.
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