It's All Over: Hello, Fall

She's alone in the new pollution...
She's alone in the new pollution...
She's alone in the new pollution...
Even though it's been soupy-hot for the last few days, and should be again tomorrow, summer is officially over as of today. And if you commute on I-64, you've seen a very clear sign of fall -- or rather, the lack of a sign.

The St. Louis Science Center's walkway over 64 has advised us all summer about air quality using levels and colors reminiscent of those good old Homeland Security threat levels  -- good, moderate, warning.

But now that summer's over, the sign isn't updating us on how ill-advised those deep cleansing breaths might be.

Beth McClure, public relations manager at the Science Center, assured the Daily RFT that the sign, which went up in 1996 as part of the St. Louis Regional Clean Air Partnership, wasn't broken. It's still up this week, but the part that tells the next day's air quality is simply blank. Before too long they'll pull it down.

"We only do that in the summer," McClure says.

Fear not, though. The sign will be back next year, and may get an upgrade to more environmentally-friendly LED lighting.

We seriously cannot wait. Does this make us nerds?

Don't answer that.

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