It's That Time Again -- Vote For "Ass Clown of the Week"

Apr 9, 2009 at 11:48 am
It's That Time Again -- Vote For "Ass Clown of the Week"
Wow. Lot's of candidates for Daily RFT's weekly Ass Clown award. Good luck voting. I predict a tight one this week.

And the nominees are...

1. Father charged with attacking shopkeeper to defend honor of his shoplifting daughter -- Remember this one from late last week? An employee at Claire's in South County Mall busted a 17-year-old girl stealing a necklace. The next day the thief's father visited the mall where he and an accomplice allegedly held down, punched and kicked the sales clerk.

2. Adam Dylan Leon -- The Canadian flight student who stole a plane and flew it all the way to Missouri,  prompting National Guard fighters to intercept the plane. Leon apparently wanted the fighter jets to shoot him down. He now faces federal charges of entering the U.S. illegally.

3. Cynthia Tiemann -- The St. Peters mom is charged with taking out $140,000 in fraudulent student loans in her daughters' names to fund her gambling addiction.

4. Richard Thompson -- The founder of pet website who pledged $1 million last year to Randy Grim's Stray Rescue pet shelter. Nearly a year later, Grim gripes that his nonprofit has yet to see the promised funds from

Please vote only once and feel free to expound on your vote -- or nominate your own ass clown -- in the Comments thread below. Talk at you tomorrow with the results.