James O'Keefe: Ass Clown

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You gotta be an "ass" to wear suspenders. Don't ya, James?
You gotta be an "ass" to wear suspenders. Don't ya, James?
James O'Keefe, the St. Louis Tea Party hero and the man behind last year's ACORN videos, has won Daily RFT's coveted Ass Clown of the Week award.

Thirty-eight percent of Daily RFT readers considered O'Keefe worthy of the Ass Clown title after he was arrested last week for masquerading as a utility worker in an attempt to illegally access the phone lines of a Senator Mary Landrieu (D-Louisiana).

On Friday, O'Keefe released a statement in his defense, referring to himself as an "investigative journalist" and condemning the "journalistic malpractice" surrounding the media coverage of his arrest.

Yes, when it comes to expelling hot air, O'Queef, err O'Keefe, is a special breed indeed.

Per Mr. O'Keefe:
As an investigative journalist, my goal is to expose corruption and lack of concern for citizens by government and other institutions, as I did last year when our investigations revealed the massive corruption and fraud perpetrated by ACORN. For decades, investigative journalists have used a variety of tactics to try to dig out and reveal the truth.
Really? Like dressing up in costumes? And lying about who you are? At which journalism school do they teach those tactics?

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