Jefferson County to Jefferson Countians: Quit Smoking Fatsos

Jul 29, 2009 at 2:56 pm
Namesake Thomas Jefferson was never fat.
Namesake Thomas Jefferson was never fat.
The Jefferson County Health Department recently released an assessment on the health of its residents. The results? Not good.  

The survey found that...
  • 30.3 percent of residents are at risk for stroke due to obesity
  • 23.5 percent have high cholesterol
  • 42 percent use tobacco and more Jefferson County residents die of lung cancer and other smoking-related deaths each year than the Missouri average
More Jefferson County residents also die of diabetes each year than the state average.

Dennis Diehl, director of the Health Department, conceded that the results found the overall health of Jefferson County residents did not improve since the last  survey in 2005.

"We just try to make people aware of health issues and have them take more ownership for their own health through not smoking, losing weight, exercising," Diehl told the Suburban Journals. "These are things we try to get people to work on."