Jennings Cop Tackles Woman During Traffic Stop (VIDEO)

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Jennings Police Chief Robert Orr
Jennings Police Chief Robert Orr
Jennings Police Chief Robert Orr
Jennings Police are in deep.

Local TV news outlet Fox 2 got its hands on footage filmed fourteen months ago by a dashboard-mounted camera during a traffic stop in the north county municipality. The video shows a man being pulled from his vehicle and pinned on the ground. When a female relative approaches the three officers on the scene to find out what's going on, one of the cops slams her into the pavement.

Use of excessive force is one thing, but making matters much worse, the Jennings Police Department allegedly tried to cover up the incident, claiming the footage never existed and failing to pursue an internal affairs investigation despite the woman's repeated complaints.  A DVD copy turned up recently on the doorstep of a Jennings city council member, who turned it over to the media.

The officer who did the tackling -- Corporal Paul Bachman -- has since been fired by the city council. The officer who was supposed to pursue the internal affairs investigation -- Lieutenant Shawn Lane -- is on unpaid administrative leave because he is under state and federal investigation for allegedly embezzling grant money.

Here's Fox 2's full report, including footage of the incident and a priceless interview in which Jennings Police Chief Robert Orr gets grilled by Chris Hayes about the brutality and alleged cover up.

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