Jennings Turns Over Police to County Cops; Department Misused Federal Funds

Oct 1, 2010 at 9:33 am
One down, dozens more to go.

This week the Jennings City Council voted to turn over the reins of its police department to St. Louis County law officers. The move followed the revelation that Jennings police misused tens of thousands of dollars in federal funds to be used to conduct DWI checkpoints. Jennings' officers were paid overtime through the federal grant but never actually performed the checkpoints.

Captain Troy Doyle of the St. Louis County police department is now in charge of the Jennings cop shop -- a job he'll keep until at least May and possibly indefinitely. County chief Tim Fitch tells the Post-Dispatch today that his department is willing to take over policing Jennings for the long run if asked.

Earlier this year Fitch drew criticism from local law agencies when he suggested that several North County police departments should consolidate their services or cede control to the county. Fitch made his claims after an investigation by his department that allegedly found several unlicensed officers working for North County police agencies.

All told, the county has 65 different police departments patrolling 91 separate municipalities.