Joe Edwards: A Man and His Orb

Apr 1, 2009 at 5:02 pm
click to enlarge Joe. Moon. Moonrise.
Joe. Moon. Moonrise.
What do you get the man who has everything? Why, the moon, of course!

And that's just what Joe Edwards -- impresario extraordinaire -- received today when crews hoisted a 3,000-pound orb atop his latest project, the Moonrise Hotel in the Delmar Loop.

The giant, celestial model is said to be the world's largest moon replica, and all the more awe-inspiring because it's made entirely of cheese! Okay, I made the last one up. But still, the world's largest moon model?! Beats the hell out of St. Louis' other claim-to-fame. You know, the world's largest Amoco sign.

Edwards had south city's Creative Visions design and build the model, which has both a light and dark side and will spin from a pedestal on the ninth floor of the building. The luxury hotel is set to open April 17.

The moon-rising was well attended by media folks, perhaps because its not often you see a moonrise in the middle of the afternoon and perhaps, too, because inimitable broadcaster-turned-PR-maven Kathryn Jamboretz organized the affair.

Follow the jump to see a mesmerizing video of the event that, well, kind of leaves you hanging.

Video by Nick Lucchesi