Joe Washington, Former Chief of Northeast Fire District, Pleads Guilty to EPA Offense

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Joe Washington
Joe Washington
Joe Washington was fired last month from his job as chief of the Northeast Ambulance and Fire Protection District, but the controversial official still remains under scrutiny.

In St. Louis County a grand jury is looking into payments Washington and attorney, Elbert Walton Jr., made to themselves while they controlled the purse strings of the district.

Meanwhile, this past August prosecutors in federal court charged Washington with violating EPA regulations when he had asbestos removed last year from the fire district's office in the suburb of Beverly Hills.

On Monday, Washington pleaded guilty to failing to inform the environmental agency of the asbestos removal and how the toxic material was handled and disposed of.

Surprising? Perhaps. Then again, Washington can be fairly lackadaisical when it comes to following established protocols. (See photos of him arriving to board meetings in sweatpants for additional proof of this.)
Washington's sentencing for the EPA violation is slated for March 18. At this point, I'm not sure whether the violation constitutes a felony or what kind of penalties prosecutors will be seeking come March. Back at you with more info when/if U.S. Attorney Michael Reap returns my call.

Until then, continue on to view copies of Washington's guilty plea and indictment.


Joe Washington Indictment

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