Jon Stewart Mocks Fox News Outrage Over Ferguson, Reaction to Rams Players

Dec 3, 2014 at 8:30 am

After returning from a Thanksgiving break, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart led both episodes this week by skewering cable news coverage of Ferguson.

On Monday night's show, host Jon Stewart set his sights on FOX News pundits who blame the violence in Ferguson following the grand-jury decision on "race arsonists," especially President Barack Obama, the Rev. Al Sharpton and Attorney General Eric Holder.

"Be honest, my friend," Stewart says after clips of Sean Hannity blaming the three black leaders. "Are those three people responsible, or did you just name the only three black guys you could think of?"

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Stewart sums up FOX News' argument that "a shrewd network of propagandists" are stoking the black community into "a resentful frenzy" with false claims of injustice before rolling a series of fear-mongering clips from the TV network about immigration, gun rights and taxes.

"I think that the crime they're really upset about over there isn't race-pimping or race-arson. It's race-plagiarism," Stewart quips.

On Tuesday night, Stewart focused on the public cat fight between the NFL and St. Louis police after five St. Louis Rams players entered the field with their hands raised in a gesture of solidarity with Ferguson.

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Stewart calls the players' gesture "a rare instance of social awareness from the NFL, joining in a common signal of solidarity." He compares it to the three finger salute from book and movie series The Hunger Games.

"Of course, obviously the District 11 residents who held up their hands like that were immediately attacked by the police, which is where our metaphor...well," Stewart trails off.

The St. Louis Police Officers Association demanded that the players be punished for the gestures. When that didn't happen, the St. Louis County police announced that the NFL had apologized to them, spurring a back-and-forth argument over whether the NFL's non-apology was, in fact, an apology.

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"Finally in this country, we are having the important conversation about semantics we need," Stewart jokes.

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