Josh McDaniels Gets Put in His Place

Over at Deadspin right now, the latest edition of the Deadcast (which, by the way, if you don't listen to on a regular basis, should be the #1 thing on your to-do list right now), has Michael Silver, a wonderful journalist from Yahoo! sports, laying a verbal beatdown on Josh McDaniels

Of course, I'm sure you're all familiar with McDaniels by now, as the Jay Cutler/Denver Broncos divorce proceedings have been covered pretty much non-stop by ESPN the last couple of weeks. (And by the way, Mark Schlereth, you need to update your material. It wasn't that cool when Arsenio used it fifteen years ago.) 

Anyhow, Mr. Silver's main thrust is this: yes, Bill Parcells and Bill Belichek and coaches like that can absolutely get away with the my-way-or-the-highway rhetoric they give to their players on a regular basis; they have, after all, actually done something in the game of football.

Josh McDaniels, on the other hand, is a first-time head coach who came into his new job and immediately pissed off his franchise quarterback to the point that said quarterback has demanded to be traded. (Well, maybe he did. Now he's not so sure.) In other words, Josh McDaniels hasn't done shit to earn the hard-ass tag. 

I just think it's going to be hilarious when McDaniels gets fired after his single season in Denver, and we then get to listen to Broncos ownership try to spin this fiasco as a simple "philosophical difference," or some other milquetoast term that teams typically use when their coaches screw the pooch and get run out of town on a rail. It will be brilliant television, at the very least. 

I have to be honest, I can't say it any better than what Mr. Silver does. So go check it out. 
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