Kansas City Star Once More Questions St. Louis China Hub

Aug 30, 2011 at 7:37 am
We've yet to see the editorial board of the Post-Dispatch take a critical look at plans to spend $360 million in taxpayer money to build a cargo hub at the St. Louis airport.

The same cannot be said, though, about the opinion-shapers at the Kansas City Star. For the second time in two weeks, the Star cautions lawmakers to fully consider the "St. Louis Aerotropolis" plan before throwing hundreds of millions of dollars at the project. The KC daily notes that industry analysts and budget hawks have all shot holes in the theory that public subsidies will lead to increased trade with China via the St. Louis airport.

The legislature is to vote on the proposal during a special session beginning September 6.

In today's editorial, the Star calls the project "highly implausible" and notes that those pushing for the project have refused to take an honest look at the project by asking a third-party to evaluate their plans.

Concludes the Star:
Missouri cannot afford the risk that millions might be wasted on a project with little hope of success. At the very least, a feasibility study should be undertaken by a credible outside expert.