Keith Meiners: Overland Teen Charged with Murder of James "JJ" Willman

Mar 30, 2011 at 9:40 am
Police believe Meiners (left) killed Willman in a fight over a woman.
Police believe Meiners (left) killed Willman in a fight over a woman.
St. Louis County prosecutors have charged 18-year-old Keith Meiners of Overland with first-degree murder in the death last November of fellow teenager James "JJ" Willman.

Willman, 19, went missing on November 27. His car was later found in north St. Louis stripped of its license plates. Earlier this month a the remains of a body found in the woods in north St. Louis County was identified as belonging to Willman.

In January Willman's father, Jim, told Daily RFT how he held out hope of discovering what became of his son. Police in Woodson Terrace, where the Willmans live, told us that they were set on cracking the case.

And, finally, an arrest this week.

Woodson Terrace police chief Bob Dowling tells the Post-Dispatch that the suspect and Willman were acquaintances who'd been to a house party together the day before Willman's disappearance and had allegedly argued over a woman.

Meiners is accused of beating Willman to death in the vicinity of where his body was found. Prosecutors allege that they have a witness who saw the ordeal. Meiner is being held without bail. Police say more arrests could be forthcoming.