Ken Henderson Wants Surprise Witness at his Trial: His Pet Alligators

click to enlarge Ken Henderson may only be guilty of loving too much.
Ken Henderson may only be guilty of loving too much.
Ken Henderson's van was searched at the Boone County Fairgrounds last June, and police found some unusual contraband -- seven alligators. The gators were seized, and Henderson was charged with 17 counts of animal abuse. The gators were returned to him in August, because a judge banned them from the county.

According to the Columbia Tribune, Henderson would very much like that ban lifted so his gators can attend the July 5  trial on his behalf.

Henderson, a resident of Kansas City, argues that his alligators are fully domesticated animals no different than your dog -- other than the obvious cosmetic differences, and the fact that the gators have the potential to grow to up to thirteen feet in length and weigh 800 pounds. If the judge and jury could only see how docile the reptiles are, they'd understand why it's no big deal that he travels the country with a half-dozen alligators in his van.

In fact Henderson is moderately famous for his way with gators, having appeared on Animal Planet at least once to show off his affinity for the creatures. And as unusual as his request appears, some guest testimonial from his scaly companions might do his case a lot of good. Watch Ken coddling and soothing a 70-pound, very toothy gator and tell me this doesn't alter your perception of the creatures.

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