Kill Your Radio

Week of May 1, 2002

May 1, 2002 at 4:00 am
Kill Your Radio
She knows her stuff: René's article on the attack on Internet radio was right on [René Spencer Saller, "Radar Station," April 24]! As a tiny Internet broadcaster trying to do good things for my community by playing Hawaiian music on the Net, I found her article to be well-written and right on the nose. More articles like hers might get the listening public on the phones to their congressmen and senators. The Digital Millennium Act needs to be updated for the realities Internet companies face, especially the tiny ones. We pay fees.... [even if] there isn't any income already. Why, we ask, is the record industry, which stands only to sell more CDs because of Internet-radio airplay, trying to kill us off?
Robert "Rabbett" Abbett
Kailua, Hawaii

Façade Love
A karma check the city can't cash: I want to thank the Riverfront Times for its ongoing coverage of the Century/Old Post Office controversy. The RFT has brought to light many important issues of which the public must be aware. We can't let dirty politics ruin our great city. Long live the Century Building!
Randy Vines
St. Louis

Collinsville Cardinals?
If you leave town, leave the city's name: After hearing the ultimatum Mark Lamping delivered to the duly elected representatives of the citizens of the state of Missouri, I have but one word for him and the billionaires he's fronting: goodbye. And, for that matter, good riddance. But after the Cardinals turn out their pockets, pack up their tents and move their vagabond franchise to Maryland Heights, St. Peters, Collinsville or New Baden, I want Jay Nixon and the city attorney to spend whatever money it takes to prevent the Cardinals from using the words "St. Louis" (or any derivative thereof) in the name and marketing of the team. Unless, of course, the Cardinals are willing to pay a handsome naming-rights fee to the city in exchange for associating the team in name with the place they abandoned by deed. What's fair is fair: If the Cardinals want to use the good name of the city to promote a commercial enterprise located somewhere other than St. Louis, they should pay for the privilege. If they are unwilling to do that, they can always name the team after its actual base of operations. Of course, that wouldn't have the same appeal or cachet as its current moniker, but it would accurately label the product for unwary consumers and give the name of the franchise that bush-league ring it so richly deserves.
Jack Browning
Fairview Heights, Illinois

Less Than Zero?
I don't see your point: The Riverfront Times, two issues ago, mentioned Virvus Jones' involvement in an investigative story in which he apparently was not contacted for comment [Geri L. Dreiling, "Little Fix," April 17]. Now we see a piece [Dreiling, "No Strings Attached," April 24] where Mr. Jones is, shall we say, brought to task for his handling of and involvement in a hotel project. But upon reading the piece, it seemed like all to do about nothing. I don't question the validity of many of your investigative reports, but this feature has the taint of journalistic payback. There was nothing there.
Greg Gibson
St. Louis

No Joke
Don't want to be a punchline: On behalf of the Board of Election Commissioners and Gary Stoff and myself as directors, we appreciate Bruce Rushton's recognition ["Dead Man Voting," April 24] of the efforts we are making to learn from the national and local calamities of the November 2000 election and to move forward on making elections in the city of St. Louis fairer, more accurate and better run.
Sheila Greenbaum
Board of Election Commissioners

Soup-Kitchen Steak
Tough cuts in the restaurant guide: Your "Restaurants 2002" insert [April 17] was a culinary delight until I got to the section on steaks. It would appear that those who voted on steakhouses were inner-city folks who could not find directions into the Wild West of Kirkwood. I have never been to Tucker's, who placed an ad in your guide. However, when anyone rates Outback Steakhouse and Longhorn Steakhouse (neither of whom appeared to have placed an ad with the Riverfront Times) to exceed Citizen Kane's in the great-steakhouse ratings (Kane's is another who did not advertise), the Salvation Army shelter deserves honorable mention.
Keith Williams
via the Internet

Stupid Food Tricks
The guy wouldn't know good chow if it bit him: I couldn't let Mr. Ross Cagan's ridiculous letter in this week's Riverfront Times go unanswered ["Food Bites," Letters, April 24]. All Mr. Cagan's letter did was illustrate how ignorant and ludicrous he is. To so grossly generalize all St. Louis food as bad and all restaurants on the Hill as terrible is a sad misjudgment at best. As for sugar in tomato sauce, who is he to judge whether that is acceptable? I believe that sugar in cornbread is sacrilege; however, many people from farther north than I wouldn't have it any other way. To berate anyone for a difference in taste is preposterous. Only facts can be right or wrong. Opinions are neither, by definition. While I, too, believe St. Louis is blessed with good Vietnamese food, to say that is all we have is plain stupid.
Alex Young
St. Louis