Kinksters of the Lou, Unite!

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Classic kink: Bettie Page
Classic kink: Bettie Page
Classic kink: Bettie Page
Does Shibari tie you in knots? Not sure if your disciplinary needs would be better served by a cane or a cat o' nine tails? Do you have any idea what those last two questions were even about?

Well, lucky for you, there's a brand-new group, Sex Positive St. Louis. The group is dedicated to connecting kinksters, spreading the word about alternative sexuality like polyamory (consensual, non-sneaky multiple sex partners) and BDSM (a portmanteau acronym of bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism and submission and dominance) and every other kink under the sun, and hepping the vanilla folks to what it's all about.

Sex Positive St. Louis is the just-launched Web presence of a group of pro-sex folks in the city. It bills itself as"a safe environment for sexuality questions or concerns, no matter your gender, race, age or orientation." It's currently mainly a blog and calendar, as well as informational clearinghouse. In the future, the group will hold outreach and educational events.

The group was founded by four forces of happy sexifying here in St. Louis--Anna, a 29-year-old bisexual poly lady; David Wraith, who began his sex-positive evolution as a teenager as "the youngest and straightest" member of ACT-UP St. Louis, the anti-AIDS group; Johnny Murdoc, a partnered gay sex writer; and The Beautiful Kind, sex-blogger extraordinaire and good friend to the Daily RFT.

Our four kinky heroes are among the many sexy folks who've been long scheming on a way to unite anyone in the city who doesn't quite subscribe to the one-woman-one-man-with-the-lights-off-in-missionary-position school of sex.

"A lot is lurking in the underground," TBK said at a recent Sex+STL meeting."I'm hoping for this renaissance, getting good sunshine on it."

"There's a lot the sex-positive community can learn from the gay rights movement: If you're not out, you're hurting us," Murdoc said at the meeting.

So the group, in addition to being an information source, is hoping to create visibility for kinky folks in the area, to demystify kink and help people realize that maybe your neighbor likes to walk her husband around in a dog collar in the privacy of their bedroom, and if it's cool with them, it should be cool with you.

They aren't the only group in St. Louis working toward these goals--there are listservs and playgroups and meetups all over. But Sex+STL hopes to serve as an umbrella for them all.

Watch this space for more on Sex+STL, other kinky groups in the city, and The Beautiful Kind.

(Oh, and in case you're still wondering, Shibari is erotic Japanese rope bondage, a cat o' nine tails is a multi-stranded whip, and a cane is a wicked flexible stick for hitting your friends and loved ones. And yes, they do all hurt...deliciously.)

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