Kinloch Mayor Now Charged with Witness Tampering

Jun 3, 2011 at 10:05 am
Prosecutors claim Conway is something of a conman.
Prosecutors claim Conway is something of a conman.
A federal grand jury issued a superseding indictment late yesterday charging Kinloch Mayor Keith Conway with witness tampering in addition to charges filed May 23 accusing him of stealing from the community's coffers.

According to the superseding indictment, on or about May 24, 2011, Conway caused false information to be provided to one or more Kinloch city officials, including, but not limited to, several members of the Board of Aldermen, relative to the criminal charges pending against him. Moreover, Conway is accuses of urging those officials and aldermen to provide false information relative to the criminal charges pending against him in the original indictment.

As Daily RFT reported earlier this week:
After pleading not guilty on May 23, he was released from custody on a $25,000 bond, under the condition that he surrender his passport and refrain from contacting any potential witnesses in the case.

But prosecutors allege that, upon leaving the courthouse, Conway almost immediately made his way to City Hall -- and prepared a packet of information to give to the city aldermen, who are, not surprisingly, likely to be witnesses in the case against Conway. He also begged one alderman to give him a key to City Hall, and when the alderman refused, Conway drove to his house to talk him into it.
Conway, 47, is accused of using funds from the struggling north county municipality to finance cruises to the Bahamas, travel to Las Vegas and Ft. Lauderdale, credit-card bills and payments on a time-share in Florida. He also allegedly used taxpayer funds to pay his federal income taxes.