KITTIES!! Your Daily Dose of Adorable News

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Cats are super. - image via
Cats are super.
Cat Friday. Caturday. Click-bait. Whatever you want to call it, it's time for a little bit of news about cats.

(Really, it's Friday afternoon within minutes of quitting time...what else are you doing?)

  • A little paper called The New York Times published a story with a surprising thesis today: Cats suck
Not in a like, they-aren't-cool way, more in a licking kind of way. Apparently some science-type guys at MIT, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and Princeton spent years researching the way cats drink. It turns out that cats lap four times a second, too fast for the human eye to see, and basically suck up columns of water in a marvel of physics. 

Neat, we guess. Mostly this is just a nice opportunity to watch some videos of cats drinking water that our friends at the Village Voice so nicely compiled. 

Cat calendars, cats acting out Mean Girls and more cat news behind the jump.

  • Cat food brand Friskies unleashed a team of "repurrters" (not kidding) to show how social cats really are. They compiled cat's-eye-view videos from 25 different kitties at their Scratchington Post (again, not kidding) site.
Have a sample. Below, Ziggy and Fudge do battle, showing us just how lame it must be to be a cat. Also on the site: One of the cat's names is Charlene Butterbean, so there's that. 

That's all we've got for today, folks. Happy Caturday!

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