Lambert Field Gets Full-Body Scanners; Prepare to Get Virtually Naked

Oct 7, 2010 at 8:24 am
Sexy? Maybe if you're Terminator 2.
Sexy? Maybe if you're Terminator 2.
The Transportation Security Administration has been rolling out full-body imaging machines at the nation's airports for the past couple years. Now the scanners have finally arrived in St. Louis (a.k.a. terrorist target #499 on a list of 500 cities).

The X-ray devices will be put to use as soon as tomorrow at Terminal 2 of Lambert International Airport.

The machines provide an under-the-clothes view of passengers, allowing TSA officials to search for weapons and other contraband. But don't worry, privacy advocates. The security wonks viewing the X-rays can't scan the crowd for attractive men and women who they want to run through the machine. In fact, the person sifting through the images sits in a separate room where he (or she) views nothing but pictures such as the one here.

By the way, does this woman look like she's wrapped in roasting string? And what's that between her legs? Looks like she needs to be red-flagged, IMHO.