Last Week's Most Popular Daily RFT Posts, July 6-12, 2009

Jul 13, 2009 at 2:34 pm
It's All-Star week in St. Louis! If you've been caught up in the tornado of promotion for this week's game that really-counts-for-something-but should-not-count-for-anything, you might have missed some of last week's posts here on the city's best news blog*. Here are the top-ten most-read posts:

Tired of Seeing Underwear, Mother Launches Clothing Line to Let People "Sag" with Dignity
An inventive St. Louis mother created jeans with two waistbands, to make it appear like the wearer is saggin' but they're really not. They're "Bagg'n," which is the name of the brand.

What If You Threw the LARGEST TWEET UP IN ST. LOUIS and No One Showed Up?
Our tech blogger Bill Streeter takes a sharp look at this Tweet Up -- which was over-hyped in the twittersphere by questionable Twitterers. Turns out, when they had to get away from their computers and actually meet people in real-life, it didn't live up to its hyperbolic billing.

All-Star Game Celebrity Softball Match To Be Played at Busch Stadium, Not Unused Softball Field
The lot where Ballpark Village should be is again dissed.

There's No Crying in Baseball -- Just Try Telling that to the St. Louis Tea Party
A slew of comments followed this story.

Happy 4th of July! (Fireworks Fail)
A viral video that gets better with every viewing.

First Impressions of MLB's All-Star FanFest at America's Center
Our All-Star writer Keegan Hamilton headed down to the player-heavy, family-friendly Fan Fest and spotted Ozzie Smith. If you headed down there, you might agree with some of his observations.

Simply Shocking: World-Class Recording Studio Opens Doors in South St. Louis
Take a look inside this recording studio on Gravois.

Joe Webb Wins Jeopardy, Back Tomorrow to Defend His Title
This Saint Louis University professor and successful advice blogger wins big.

Feds Round Up Owner of Cannibal Kennel and Four Other Dog Breeders for Running an Alleged Dog-Fighting Operation
Some real winners here.

*actual results may vary