Latest Missouri City to Want Sports Stadium: O'Fallon

Sep 28, 2009 at 10:46 am
Family Arena: So lonely, it could use some company.
Family Arena: So lonely, it could use some company.
If Paul McKee's controversial redevelopment proposal for north St. Louis never comes to fruition, hopefully he can take solace in knowing that there's always room for growth in O'Fallon.

The town in St. Charles County, which boasts of being Missouri's "fastest growing city", is already home to McKee's Winghaven planned community. Now it seems the city also wants to be home to the St. Louis Bandits junior hockey team, and O'Fallon leaders are sparing no expense to ensure their community can steal the club from the Hardee's IcePlex in Chesterfield.

Recently the O'Fallon City Council approved a $40,000 contract for a "feasibility study" to look at whether or not the city should construct a $35-million, multipurpose arena. The arena would be built on 12-acres of land owned by McKee's McEagle Properties.

Sounds like this proposal would be a great deal for McKee, especially if his firm also wins the contract to build the stadium.

But does the St. Louis region really need another sports arena? Let's take a quick count of the multi-purpose sports arenas in and around St. Louis shall we?

In the city there are now three such facilities: Edward Jones Dome, Scottrade Center and the Chaifetz Arena, completed last year on the Saint Louis University Campus.

In St. Charles there's the Family Arena, built ten years ago for concerts and sporting events. And in Richmond Heights, a developer has proposed a nearly $400-million stadium for use primarily for soccer.

Then let's take a look at the event listings for the Family Arena -- which is located a mere 15 minutes or so from O'Fallon -- and can accommodate sports such as hockey, basketball, indoor football, boxing and MMA events.

Given O'Fallon's pressing need for a new stadium, you'd assume that Family Arena must be booked with all kinds of events, right?

Uh, not exactly. Here's their calender for next month, October. The Family Arena has a whopping four events listed for the entire month!