Lavish "Five Star Lounge" Movie Theater Opening in Chesterfield

A peek inside Chesterfield's new movie palace
A peek inside Chesterfield's new movie palace
A peek inside Chesterfield's new movie palace
Just when you think movie ticket prices couldn't get any more exorbitant, a local theater chain dreams up a way to charge $19 see Disney's Secretariat.

This Friday, Wehrenberg Theatres will unveil The Five Star Lounge, the newest screen in their Chesterfield Galaxy 14 Cinema. Fortunately, your hard-earned cash buys something beyond just the chance to watch a sappy story about a thoroughbred: all the seats in the new auditorium are heated leather recliners, and a waitstaff can be summoned with the push of a button to bring cocktails and gourmet snack food.

From the press release sent out yesterday:
Of course, for an experience such as this, guests can expect more than popcorn, soda and candy. Though the traditional movie concessions are certainly available, guests will have a full menu of appetizers, entrees, desserts and adult beverages. Aside from the aforementioned mushrooms, appetizers include artichoke and spinach Rangoon, handmade loaded baked potato chips, St. Louis-favorite toasted ravioli and more.

The entrée menu boasts chicken wraps and sandwiches, various pizzas (including BBQ chicken and Philly cheese steak) and hamburgers. Desserts are offered as well, from gelato bowls to ice cream concretes to root beer floats.
In order to serve booze, the theater will only admit people of legal drinking age. That's probably for the best. Most minors would have to empty their piggy banks to even afford a matinee.
Tickets for Five Star Lounge features will vary a bit by time and day. Evening movies Friday through Sunday 4 PM and after are just $19 for the five-star treatment. Monday through Thursday evenings (6 PM and after) are $18. Friday through Sunday matinees (before 4 PM) are available for just $16.50 and matinees Monday through Thursday (4 PM and after) are $15.75. For digital 3D films, the standard $3 surcharge will be added to these prices. To increase the value of this experience, guests will receive a concession voucher valid for that same-day visit good for $8.50 towards any menu purchase!
And apparently the recession has not hit Chesterfield, because Wehrenberg's CEO says you're done renting DVD's now that this baby is open:
"We've been exploring this concept for a while," said Ronald P. Krueger, Chairman and Co-CEO of Wehrenberg Theatres. "Every now and then, we all deserve to pamper ourselves whether it's enjoying fine dining or spending a day at the movies. Our Five Star Lounge is a way to pamper yourself at the movies, and for far less expense than other options. You'll never stay home for a movie again."
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