Week of July 27, 2005

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You Are Where?
Fact-free: Timothy Lane's article about the "goth night" at Velvet [You Are Here, July 20] is a pitiful excuse for journalism. No history, almost no facts (other than the single fact that it is at Velvet), no research into who he should have talked to in order to create a print-worthy article and, lastly, quoted opinions that should have been clearly attributed to patrons and not possibly to either Requiem or Velvet.

First off, "Requiem" is the official name for the event held on the first Monday of every month at Velvet. Requiem is an event that began October 27, 2003, at the Kastle and has continued into the present at Velvet. It was created and continues due to the hard work and determination of many people interested in "the scene" and, of course, the people who frequent the evening.

Mostly a dance night, Requiem has two resident DJs and, on occasion, features guest DJs. In the past, Requiem has hosted concerts for bands such as Wolfsheim, Faith & the Muse, The Azoic, GLOW, Emulsion, High Blue Star, Trotski's Block and more. Partnering with local promotion group Les Fleurs Du Mal, Requiem puts on four seasonal themed parties with performance art, catering, fashion shows and fantastic decorations. To that effect Requiem has stated that "It is our utmost concern to continue providing beautiful, enjoyable and innovative events for the small underground goth/ industrial/etc. community in St. Louis."

The event is about dancing and having a good time with people of a like mind. And the "Shaolin Drunk" usually isn't drunk, just dancing "Drunken Style."
Jeremy Peterson
St. Louis

Back to the drawing board: Timothy Lane's article on Jeanne Trevor at Brandt's Café in the Loop [You Are Here, July 13] was a good one. However, the drawing, we feel, was a gross distortion of her and very uncomplimentary. It is our hope that your paper will refrain from any such drawings in future articles. Ms. Trevor will be happy to provide you with pictures if needed for any future publications. You can see her in Mame at the Muny July 25 through 31.
Donald A. Young

Wild Things
The deer stays in the picture: Deer are a nuisance to humans [Unreal, July 20]?! Humans are a danger to deer. Humans are the ones treading on the deer's food and water sources, running into them with vehicles of all shapes and sizes, and hunting them for food and sport. Frankly, I am amazed it has taken the deer this long to fight back. Human beings invaded the animals' land first, and now we complain because the deer have an "endless appetite for trees and plants" on our land?! Am I the only one who sees the selfish and ridiculous notions there? The animals have been victimized with the excess of homes, shopping centers and chain restaurants that so easily represent west county.

The "hungry herbivores" are destroying the "luscious lawns" of those in west county and we're up in arms?! Since when does the RFT have sympathy for those in west county -- those who have done all they can to cover St. Louis in cookie-cutter homes, destroy all signs of nature and homogenize the land around us? What has happened to us as a people when we feel sorry for the west-county residents instead of the animals who were there first and who bring beauty to an otherwise nondescript area? It is appalling.
Gina McGrew
St. Louis

Aussies Rule
Thunder from Down Under: Unreal, you ignorant slut, who did you sleep with to get this job? You wouldn't know an Australian if one smashed his beet-root burger in your face. There is no such thing as Australian Rules Rugby ["Everybody's Doing It," July 13]. While many people in Australia play rugby, and while there are different types, none is honored with the appellation Australian Rules. There is, however, Australian Rules Football. Not that you would know, you Nerf ball.

Australian Rules Football, also called Aussie Rules or simply footy, is the national sport of Australia, assuming Australia is a nation. Here in the United States of America, we also play footy. It is played in cities across the nation, and St. Louis has one of the finest teams in all the land. In fact, the St. Louis Blues A.R.F.C. are the two-time defending Premiers (that means champions) of the Mid-America Australian Football League (or MAAFL). You can read all about it at www.bluesfooty.com. We practice in Forest Park and play our home games in Buder Park. We don't play rugby. And the consensus seems to be that we like our sex just like black women and south-side cops.
Ben Lipman
St. Louis

Got Game?
The Riverfront Times is looking for an articulate joystick jockey to write an online column for our group of eleven weekly newspapers. An ability to distill the essential elements of newly released videogames without resorting to technobabble -- and without bowing to industry hype -- is a must. Also useful: an ability to appreciate and explain gaming's role in pop culture. A sense of humor is required; bad breath is optional. Interested parties should send a cover letter, résumé and two sample columns of 500 words apiece to:

Andy Van De Voorde
Executive Associate Editor
New Times Newspapers
969 Broadway
Denver, CO 80203
[email protected]

No phone calls, please.

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