Week of August 3, 2005

Big Bang Theories
Tow the car and forget the meth: I believe I have an answer to Name Withheld in Fenton's question about why Jefferson County police were so slow to respond to the report of a meth lab in the neighborhood [Letters, July 20]. They are simply too busy putting tow warnings on legally parked cars to have time for such trivial matters as potential chemical explosions. My spouse and I have been floating the Mineral Fork and the Big River in Jefferson County for years. On a recent trip, when we arrived at the Missouri Department of Conservation's Mammoth area, I had a tow warning on my windshield. It is legal to park overnight as long as you are not camping in the area. I realize that these locations are sometimes trouble spots, so I was going to let it go -- until four days later, when I needed to fill my tank and I found the wax-paper backing from the tow-warning sticker stuck inside my gas-cap well. Thank goodness I have a locking gas cap or I believe it would have ended up in my tank. I filed formal complaints with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office as well as the regional MDC and, as I expected, I have received no response.
Name withheld by request

Major League Bull
Three cheers for the Ripper: Mike Seely's "3 Nights in June" [July 27] was a very interesting story and a good profile piece on Jack Clark, who I remember as one of the top Cardinal players during the 1980s. Jack Clark is correct about MLB Commissioner Bud Selig. Commissioner Selig is not a leader, and baseball's integrity couldn't be any lower. Many baseball fans remember Selig's decision at the All-Star Game a few years ago, causing it to be a tie game. We also remember the lackluster leadership that he has had over the years, even when he was "interim" commissioner. Some of us remember the strike of 1994.

In order for Major League Baseball to solve its problems, it needs a courageous leader at the top. It needs a commissioner who will take charge and not be a mouthpiece representing the owners. More baseball fans will attend River City Rascals and Gateway Grizzlies games because they love baseball. They love an honest game. As for Jack Clark, I hope his second stint with the River City Rascals lasts a while. He is an excellent baseball instructor, and should the manager's position open up with the Rascals, I hope he takes it.
Louis Launer
St. Charles

Foul Played
Always looking back: I rarely pick up the Riverfront Times, but I guess fate stepped in Friday morning. I shook as I read Chad Garrison's "Foul Play" [July 20], regarding Randy Wichman. I was one of the people [St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter] Florence Shinkle interviewed in 2002 after living a six-month nightmare of a relationship with Wichman. Only after following the encouragement of a close friend to get an order of protection did he finally "disappear." I have lived every day since looking over my shoulder and wondering where he was. Please do not disclose my name in any form. I will be reading the RFT on a more regular basis! Thank you again for having the internal fortitude to do what the Post would not.
Name withheld by request
St. Louis

Haute Topic
Thorns for Rose: Once again Rose Martelli has demonstrated how multi-dimensional she is as a food writer ["A Dream To Dine For," July 27]. Unfortunately, they are all the wrong dimensions: self-absorbed, snotty, narrow-minded and ignorant. I chuckled, thinking how "irritated" she said she became by the fact that her bartender didn't know the details about the Louis XIII Cognac on the back bar. Probably as irritated as many RFT readers are to think that a regularly featured food critic didn't know what it is either, until the owner showed up to not only explain the drink, but share a few hundred dollars' worth of it with sniveling Rose and her prom dates (how true that comment is).

Wade DeWoskin's heritage in St. Louis goes back a long way, even past the Coal Hole to the old and excellent Port St. Louis (the first place I ever paid to have my car parked by a valet!). What's wrong with serving classic dishes prepared well with quality ingredients? Sometimes a dining experience is about being well taken care of, not surprised and amused by the cleverness of the chef.

There have been a few new restaurants -- Red Moon, Arthur Clay's, Moxy and Monarch come to mind -- that exemplify our current concept of nouvelle cuisine. But so many of the newcomers are too cute, too pretentious and too soon eliminated from most serious foodies' "must-visit" list. I may never venture out to Chesterworld to dine at Xanandu, but it's nice to know there is a place to get "old-school food" done well as it has been done in the past.

A side note to Todd Weisz and Lester Miller: When Rosie shows up to review Busch's Grove this fall, don't give her any of your good liquor. It's wasted on her!
Dick Dillon

Got Game?
The Riverfront Times is looking for an articulate joystick jockey to write an online column for our group of eleven weekly newspapers. An ability to distill the essential elements of newly released videogames without resorting to technobabble -- and without bowing to industry hype -- is a must. Also useful: an ability to appreciate and explain gaming's role in pop culture. A sense of humor is required; bad breath is optional. Interested parties should send a cover letter, résumé and two sample columns of 500 words apiece to:

Andy Van De Voorde
Executive Associate Editor
New Times Newspapers
969 Broadway
Denver, CO 80203
[email protected]

No phone calls, please.

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