Week of March 30, 2005

The Hat Box
Cappin' on Deanna: In her recent review of the Rep's current offering of Crowns, among otherwise generally favorable comments Deanna Jent accuses the production of "lacking in character development and conflict" ["Beanie Babes," March 23].

As to character development, one wonders whether Ms. Jent was fully awake during the "hat homilies" presented by the play's six female leads, each of whom offered a sometimes poignant yet humorous picture of both her character and the reason for her presence on the stage. As to the lack of conflict, where is it written that each presentation of modern theater must offer an aspect of discord? Crowns is not a musical production of Macbeth. Rather, it is simply an enjoyable evening of fun, gospel tunes and so much more, all as evidenced by the audience's enthusiastic standing ovation at the end of the program.

Ms. Jent accuses the production of being an awkward store-window hat waiting for someone to take it home. If that is the case, I am one of those window shoppers who would be most happy to take Crowns to my home as a treasured possession.
Edgar T. Farmer
St. Louis

Roe, Roe, Roe
The ol' slit 'n' stitch: Excellent research on this topic, and very informative story [Kristen Hinman, "Something Fishy," March 16]! I'm sharing it with a lot of folks at the office.

One thing that's missing, though: Why do the caviar harvesters in Missouri destroy the fish? The methods that used to be used by the Russians are vastly superior. Each fish is caught and a small incision is made in a certain area of the belly to remove the eggs. Then the incision is sewn closed and the fish is released. This all occurs in just minutes. The bonus: The fish can provide more caviar in the future. The fish has a life. It's a win-win.

There is absolutely no reason why people in this region should not develop a similar procedure. Certified caviar harvesting here should include preservation of the species -- not extermination. The current method is insane, nothing less. I think you should contact our government officials and get others involved to support such a process. It's the smart thing to do across the board and will help the species and the region prosper.
Joseph T. Ringling

Soccer Bawl
Crass + Tacky: I am so disappointed that you would give this type of mentality space in your paper [Mike Seely, "Kicking + Steaming," February 9]. We have long had a storied and respectful history of soccer in St. Louis, which makes it hard to support knowing these types of individuals are now supporting the same indoor team that is idolized by very young persons who want to play soccer and grow up to be soccer players. Is that what all European teams are yelling and chanting at their "football" games? I do know the genre is nourished from the womb among European nations.

Unfortunately, these adult soccer players and persons who support the sport also have subjected our schools to their crass and tacky behavior. It is one thing to trash-talk in sports, but outright disrespect and lack of decorum is a new low! If you speak like this in a language the refs understand, you can be penalized, but the immigrant students do not suffer retribution because their language is not known to refs. I do have a son who plays in the St. Louis public schools' soccer leagues, and they are subjected to this behavior from the immigrant players who overrun and monopolize a few of the teams. They disrespect and speak this way to their coaches also. I wonder why this would be tolerated?

I would hope that other parents who read this article will respond in kind. Maybe even when attending an indoor game with their children, they will take action and bring this behavior to the attention of the ushers, the league and other players. Expressing their lack of support for a team that knows of and allows this type of fan behavior can help discourage it. Thanks to your article, now everyone can know this foul-mouth mentality exists at our games and fans may deal with it directly.
Name withheld by request
St. Louis

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