Week of March 2, 2005

A Redbird for All Seasons
Dude! My friend called me last night and was like, "Dude, guess who's on the cover of the RFT? McGee, dude!" I was stunned [Unreal, February 23]. "Guess who I'm busy painting right now," I said. "McGee, dude!"

Willie McGee is the last humble hero. The last humble professional athlete. If you watch Willie highlights, take note of how often he is looking down humbly at the ground. Willie should not only have his number retired, he should get a key to the city and become the Cardinals' new mascot.

What a coincidence, I really would have thought you were spying on me if you worked Tito Landrum into the article. Yeah, I'm the guy wearing the Tito shirt at the games. Don't anyone there copy me; it happens too often.
Doran Bortz

Beatle Bob's Last Stand
For the love of Bob: I support Beatle Bob [Letters, February 23]. I'm unable to gig often, but when I can, I seek Bob out to discuss recent acts and get info on local musical goings-on that I'd otherwise not be privy to. He's always been respectful and polite. He's gracious to bands and venues that allow him access. I can see where he might irritate some folks; he often distracts from the main act. I've never seen him intentionally invade dance-floor space or act in a belligerent or lewd manner.

It's nice to have a local "character" who's not got a personal agenda. It seems he just digs the music. I have to respect that.
Katherine Lawson

Beatle Bob for mayor: How can anybody trash Beatle Bob? The guy is our top contender in the local-color class. He adds bling to every event he attends. He is a complement to the music scene, has excellent taste in music and his legs just won't quit!
David Swatek
St. Louis

How sad -- Robin won't be reading this: Consider yourself broken up with, dear RFT. It's over. "¡No más!" I've read, and thereby supported, the RFT since the very first days it hit the stands. I think I was 13 or 14. I'm now 41. That's a whole hell of a lot of years of supporting your paper. So I think I have the right to write and ask: What the heck happened to the paper's journalistic spine?

Back in the day, the RFT was considered cutting-edge journalism. Not any more. Every week I faithfully pick up the paper thinking, hoping against all hope, that maybe, just maybe, there will be something worth reading. And every week after going through the paper (it takes less than five minutes, folks), I ask myself: Why bother? And then I throw it in to the recycling bin. How very sad.

What finally turned me against the RFT is the fact that you allowed Beatle Bob to reply to letters written about him, and then printed those responses not once, but three entire times. Three times. That's just wrong. You don't usually allow others to reply three times and then print said replies, yet you did for him.

Yes, the four us who wrote the RFT to rail on Beatle Bob started it -- but I won't apologize for what I wrote. The most amusing aspect of all the letters written back and forth is that only one person wrote extolling Bob's so-called virtues. That and the fact that in each response you permitted him, BB proved what a jerk he is. Enough is enough. That you've printed every single one of his responses only leads me to believe that you or your coworkers are personal friends of Beatle Bob (who knew he had friends?) or that the RFT is simply afraid of him (for what reasons I can't even begin to guess). Whatever the reasons for your lack of taste, judgment and editorial spine, it's no longer my concern. You lost my trust and you lost another reader. It's over.
Robin Hirsch
St. Louis

Problem solved: First of all, who is this douche Beatle Bob? Second, who cares? I am so sick of reading letters back and forth from Bob (who is obviously a shameless self-promoter) and those who despise him.

I frequent the local music scene (four shows this week) and I have never seen Bob. From what I hear, that is a good thing. What amazes me the most is that this town has a good music scene and all anyone wants to talk about is some moron dancing like a retard at shows. That's what's wrong with this town. Back in my day, if someone was acting a fool at a show and bothering people, we took him out back and kicked his ass! Problem solved.
Matt Ware
Maryland Heights

Plow On
Today's tow day: Thanks for your kind article on the TowPLow [Unreal, February 16]. The 30-foot plow was delivered Tuesday, February 15, to the Bellfontaine facility and is now ready to make history in St. Louis (once it snows again). A second TowPLow should be in St. Louis by early March. Look for both in the I-270 areas.

And don't worry, I plan to plow on. It's not over yet. Thanks from a farmboy from Sturgeon, Missouri, and an MU graduate, serving the public with many other dedicated people.
Robert Lannert
Jefferson City

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