Week of January 19, 2005

Sona Si Latine Loqueris
Latin 101: Regarding the Unreal item about the St. Louis Public Schools [January 12]: How many people recognize the motto in Dan Zettwoch's illustration translates to "Always Wear Under Wear"? They don't teach Latin in the SLPS, do they? My, my, what we find and some learn from the RFT!
Bob Osterholt

Rifle Mania
A picture worth more than 186 words? I must say I'm disappointed in Timothy Lane's reporting [You Are Here, January 5]. A few facts were off in his "Lesson in Assault Rifles." First, we don't have a folding table upstairs in our locker room at the South Broadway Athletic Club. Secondly, we don't have dim lighting in our locker room either. And while Tim is at it, why not give the names of these two young men so that we can clean up a locker room that doesn't need that nonsense?

I must admit that I'm intrigued as to which one of the young guys would say that. I've been in the business for almost a dozen years and to have these young guys come in and talk stupidly like that upsets me, but to have Timothy Lane make such a vague report is even more insulting. Tim, do us all a favor: more details.
Eric Bibbs

Beaver Tales
Wendle's got a dirty mind: Really, guys: "Eat More Beaver" [January 5]! How many have called or written in to get that cover picture put on a T-shirt? I mean, talk about a fundraiser! Okay, it wasn't written or drawn in that context, or was it? Clever either way.

I enjoyed Chad Garrison's article as well, and the Riverfront Times. As a new resident to St. Louis who uses RFT to get to the best spots: Keep up the good work!
Wendle Jeralds
St. Louis

Eighty-six the beaver! Wow. Has the RFT resorted to publishing articles about beaver meat? I though that was what the back of the RFT was for. Chad Garrison's article was about as interesting as the public knowing I slide the RFT under the cats' litter box to catch their missed piss. Gross. We've endured enough animal slaughter articles -- let's try some real journalism!
Sandy Bounds
St. Louis

Film Buffing
Old movies do suck! Enjoyed Mike Seely's review of The List of Adrian Messenger [Blind Phyllis, January 5]. With very few exceptions, Seely is correct: Old movies have their moments when they are great, but then they also have their moments when you cringe.

A good example is Red River, with John Wayne and Montgomery Clift. The fight at the end and other scenes between Wayne and Clift are as good as you will find, but the romance scenes are awful.

I believe that the best movies from the '30s were the Three Stooges two-reelers when Curly was at his peak -- but everyone knows that already.
David Forquer

Foot-in-Mouth Disease
The culprit was asbestos:Warren Zevon died of mesothelioma, a type of cancer not of the lungs but the pleural sac outside the lungs, caused by exposure to asbestos [John Nova Lomax, "New Angels in Rock Heaven," January 5]. Since Mr. Zevon himself was unaware just how, where and when he came into contact with asbestos, I find it hard to believe you possess this information.

I suggest you visit a few Web sites -- www.asbestosdiseaseawareness.org or www.marf.org -- before you stick your other foot in your mouth.
Lucy Pfeffa
Deputy administrator
, WarrenZevon.com bulletin board
Decatur, Georgia

Groove On, Beatle Bob
Same old song and dance: If that ain't enough to make you flip your lid! More wet and wild missives aimed at me through the RFT squawk box. OK. Let's get down to cases. In regard to Robin Hirsch's whining comments about my karate-choppin' antics at concerts [Letters, December 22]: Yeah, I totally agree that Respectable Street runs both ways. This means that it is very rude and inconsiderate of concertgoers like yourself who push their way to the front of a packed stage floor for the headliner after sitting or standing in the back for the opening acts, acting as if we early camp settlers should part on your arrival like the Red Sea. Sorry, baby, it doesn't work that way, and it is then, and only then, that I refuse to shorten my Bird Dance Beat steps.

As far as Sheldon Margulis' critique on my dance moves [Letters, December 29] goes, I'll wholeheartedly admit that my groove modem is usually set in the repeat mode. If that constitutes having bad taste in music, then what does that say about Margulis' taste in music, since he's basing his critique on the very same concerts I'm attending? And Sheldon, it's better to make the same dance moves over and over rather than stand more emotionless than a cigar-store Indian (who's better dressed than you as well).

Personal to all my detractors: Rub some dirt on it and walk it off. And make better use of the RFT's letters page by writing in about some of your favorite musical acts and clubs the RFT writers and readers should be more aware of.
Beatle Bob
St. Louis

We misquoted William Faulkner in last week's Night & Day entry for Tuesday, January 18. Faulkner's actual words (from Chapter Six of Light in August): "Memory believes before knowing remembers."

Remember that.

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