Week of October 6, 2004

Your Turn
Some like it hot: We just finished reading the "Best of St. Louis" 2004 and we here at Minds Eye Information Service are so excited and so sad at the same time! We can't agree more with your Best Weathercaster, Ben Abel, because he's our official weatherman here, too! Yep, that little radio station for the blind you read about in Unreal a couple weeks ago has been the home of Ben's forecasts for the past 30 years!

If we couldn't be having a prouder day, we turn to Best Low-Carb Snack and see Uncle's Jerry's Snacks! Who's that mysterious Uncle Jerry on every package? That's our morning show host and program director Jerry B! Our ego's just busting at the seams this week as we give props to our famous friends!
Marjorie Moore
Belleville, Illinois

Some like it not: I cannot believe that anyone would vote for Ben Abel as a desirable weatherman. He's the worst I've ever heard! Most of the time Abel is completely wrong any time there is developing weather; in fact, his nickname, "Ben Unable," adequately fits, and I often vocally retort to his weathercasts with, "Why don't you look out the window, Ben Unable? You're so far off, it's pathetic!" When Mr. Abel isn't available to KWMU, it is nice to get almost-accurate weather reports from the stand-in, who repeats information from the National Weather Service.

I think modern weathercasting has gotten far worse because with all of its technology, it has turned into long-range guessing games. The old forecasting relied upon the forecaster to use common sense and a knowledge of traditional trends in weather.
Ronald Kinum
St. Louis

Some like 'em craggy: I'm a big fan of the Riverfront Times. I was watching Fox 2 news last night and Dick Ford mentioned that he was voted Best TV News Anchor. I love you guys and it seems like you're a pretty alternative paper, but he was so proud that he was picked best newscaster. I think that it was a joke and it was on purpose you picked the most dried-up and senile-looking old newscaster because only us in St. Louis would leave our newscasters on the air when they look hideous and they should be replaced, but I think that you picked him on purpose as a joke and he loved it. That's great.

Also, you picked the Fox 2 weather guy for best hair -- you picked a bald guy! That's hilarious.
Michael Hogan
Creve Coeur

The music scene bites too: Being new to St. Louis (I've been here two months, and yes, it's starting to grow on me a bit), I eagerly anticipated the publication of your "Best of St. Louis" 2004 issue. I read the Best Place to Take Out-of-Town Guests item in complete agreement until the sentence, "Tell your Minneapolis friends to put that in their Mall of America and smoke it."

For the record: Any self-respecting Minneapolitan holds a deep contempt for the Mall of America. Indeed, it is one of the ultimate symbols of blind American consumerism. I'll refrain from comparing the local music scenes of these two exceptional cities. Cheers, St. Louis.
Matthew Lang
University City

Thank you and here's my address: "Best of St. Louis" 2004 is a great read -- as usual -- and hits many of the true highlights that we all love about St. Louis. Great job.

A personal "thank you" is due for the recognition and good words as well [Best Local Artist]! As you note, Critical Mass for the Visual Arts is a vibrant part of the regional art scene. I would encourage anyone with an interest in the arts to join the listserv. By doing so you will learn more about the burgeoning art scene in the region and have the ability to post announcements about your own events, activities, etc. Best of all, it's free!

FYI, my position on the Critical Mass board is treasurer. Our hard-working president happens to be a very good friend of mine: my wife and fellow artist, Sarah Colby. Further, special thanks are due to Roseann Weiss, Terry Suhre, Meridith McKinley and all that have helped build and sustain the organization for nearly ten years.

Please look for handouts at local galleries (bright pink passports!) for our next event, "Passport to Contemporary Art" that takes place Saturday, October 9. To join the listserv send a blank e-mail to: [email protected]. Watch the listserv for announcements about meetings and events and, please, get involved! E-mail [email protected] or call 314-664-5902 with questions.
Kim Humphries
St. Louis

Bad Head
First-class events, no sense of humor: I usually enjoy the crisp and satirical writing style found between the covers of the RFT. Your writers are, without a doubt, witty, smart and generally on the money. However, I take exception to a calendar item for the Marshall Faulk Foundation celebrity server event that took place August 27 in the Clark Street Grill at the Westin St. Louis [Mia York, "Faulk 'n' Drunks," August 25].

While one of our town's most respected and celebrated athletes was taking time out of his hectic August schedule to raise money for underprivileged kids, and our hotel was providing a venue to help him do that, your tongue-in-cheek headline was inappropriate and contrary to the spirit of the evening.

The Westin St. Louis prides itself on being the area's number-one hotel (your readers told us that last year), which is only enhanced by the Clark Street Grill and our guests who patronize it. We host first-class events because that's what our guests expect. And that's what this event was, from start to finish. It was no different than the charitable event we co-hosted with the entire Cardinals bullpen earlier in the month, nor will it be different from the St. Louis Blues fundraising activities we will welcome this winter.

In the future, when you report on the charitable endeavors of our city's top athletes who, like Marshall Faulk, spend countless hours helping our community, let's be good sports.
Michael Jorgensen, general manager
The Westin
St. Louis

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