Week of July 28, 2004

Jul 28, 2004 at 4:00 am
Van Mail
How do you think he's doing? I have a great story for you, speaking of Van Halen [Paul Friswold and Mike Seely, "The Great Debate," July 21]. Inoteca, a restaurant in New York City, is owned by a friend of mine, Joe. Joe was going around the restaurant one night and stumbled upon David Lee Roth enjoying an espresso and red wine with a couple of ex-Penthouse pets. Joe approached the table and asked them how they were doing. Diamond Dave's response was simple and to the point: "I'm Dave Roth; I'm doing fuckin' great!" One thing led to another, and Joe found out that Dave had bought a place above the restaurant. Now not only is Diamond Dave a regular at Inoteca, but he hangs out with staff.
Trevor "Panama Monty" Montgomery
Phoenix, Arizona

The real winner: I just finished and thoroughly enjoyed your cover story addressing the ongoing Sammy Hagar versus David Lee Roth controversy. As a devoted Van Halen fan, I was compelled to point out the obvious: None of the arguments about Dave and Sammy (or even Gary) matter -- Edward Van Halen is God!
Dennis Fiszer
St. Louis

Mediocrity City, USA: I happen to like Imo's and Budweiser and the Blues and White Castle and Hardee's. I also happen to like Van Halen, Van Hagar and Van Roth. I like Jimmy Buffett, too. St. Louis is not the mediocrity capital of the nation. I will argue that that distinction goes to Peoria, Illinois. And no, I'm not mediocre, either.
Denise Wallis
St. Louis

Stick to the Menu
A matter of taste: Espino's sounds like a great place to eat, but please spare us any creepy references to Gemini twin and personal planets [Michael Renner, "Cheesy It Ain't," July 21]. Really dumb!
Roy Balligner
Springfield, Illinois

Farewell to Dick
There goes the bride: Your recent article depicting Dick Gephardt as the proverbially frustrated bridesmaid [Unreal, July 14] also serves to highlight the relatively rare instance in which the exception proves the rule. This time the bridesmaid should have been the bride.
Edgar T. Farmer
St. Louis

Ad hominem: What has happened to punk music? When did it leave its role as the dissident voice of America and become a tool of everything it used to stand against? I was dismayed to open the July 14 issue of the RFT and see a full-page ad on page 58 supporting -- yes, supporting -- John Kerry. I understand being against Bush, but please give me a break! John Kerry is just as much a piece of corporate filth as the current "established authority." These self-proclaimed "punks" are looking a lot more like aging and out-of-touch hippies than they are true punks. The guys at punkvoter.com need to ditch their big-money corporate sponsors like PETA and NARAL and become revolutionaries once again.
Timothy Berry

Party's Over
Cake 'n' mutiny: Well, I knew it had to happen. The backlash of the difference between what I said and what Mr. Westhoff decided to include in his article ["Party Down," July 7] has finally cropped up. I in no way meant to imply that there is no reason to live downtown now that Brokaw's establishments have closed, nor did I mean to say the bars are the only reason to live there. The bars are the only things there at this time. Therefore, if they all closed, downtown would be a virtual wasteland. I have nothing but best wishes for the loft dwellers on Washington Avenue. And I have every hope for the city, a city that I live in and like living in, that new places will open (grocery stores, bookstores, clothing stores, more restaurants and bars, etc.), but until that time comes, there is not much down there to support living there at this time.

As far as the kiddies from Chocolate Bar and the threats they made in last week's Letters column: I told at least one of them to show up for work that last weekend and that we would find a way to buy the things we needed to make the things we needed to sell to cover their paychecks, and they decided to instead pull a half-thought-out mutiny. It might have been a drag working there, but you also had a lot of freedom. No one breathing down your neck while you stand around and eat cake is a pretty good gig. You also had the freedom to quit whenever you wanted. Blake may not have been perfect, but his absence and unavailability made for a very relaxed and loose workplace. Is it coincidence that the two women who actually ran the place are not included as signatories on your letter? Good luck with your proposed legal action. As for Beatle Bob and Rose Martelli (also included in the aforementioned Letters column) -- ugh. Is there not a deserted island somewhere that we can send them to?
Jennifer Tretter
University City

Clubs Editor
The Riverfront Times is looking for a part-time (25-30 hours per week) clubs editor to contribute to our music section. Must be knowledgeable about -- and fascinated by -- the local nightclub scene and possess a desire to put that knowledge to work in building the RFT's clubs coverage. Please send résumé and writing samples to:
Jordan Harper, music editor
Riverfront Times
6358 Delmar Blvd., Ste. 200
St. Louis, MO 63130